2. Lovely book design.

    (Source: robertfrankhunter.com, via typographie)

  4. Yo momma is a shitty graphic designer. So stupid she’s scared of her own drop shadow.

  5. -Boulder- a simple bold typeface playing with some alternate lines.

    (Source: behance.net, via typography)

  6. Branding ‘mecca’ via http://dailydesigner.tumblr.com/ (via inqarnationofdeath).

  8. Sugar jigsaw puzzles. (Via morethanaveragebear).

    (Source: imgfave.com)

  9. 'THINK' logo design. Found via hachenegra.

  11. Vintage interior design (found via slapdashing).

  12. Bicycle Icon Set by Arzu Senda (via bicycleart).

  13. Ryman Eco a sustainable font - love it! ‘Dan Rhatigan on Ryman Eco’ (found via betype).

    (Source: vimeo.com)

  14. Stack Architects by The Consult (Leeds, UK) (found via fuckyeahbranding).

  15. T-WO working on a redesign of Gill Sans — Gin Sans.