2. NEVER STOP EXPLORING iphone case (via lesl-ee).

  3. Business card idea ‘the light designer’.

  4. Lovely dynamic branding for The Swedish History Museum designed by Bold.

  5. Illustration ‘My Favorite Things’ by Grant Snider (found via nevver).

  7. Corporate identity ‘Camber’ by Stoëmp / stoempstudio.com (found via thebackmatter).

    (via monstereatsdesign)

  8. Beautiful pellet stove called MIA designed by Sara Ferrari for Italian manufacturer Olimpia Splendid.It’s a modular piece of furniture that you can customize. Love it!

  10. (Source: behance.net, via ah-26)

  11. Deep Love Belgian Rye IPA’ conceived by AleBrowar & Nøgne Ø. Designed by ostecx créative.

    (Source: totalpackaging)

  12. Side Board & Bedside Table  / Homebase Collections (via nothingtochance).

    (via kristofpoelmans)

  13. Japanese art festival - typogrAphic poster

    (Source: slapdashing)

  14. San Churro Real Chocolate - http://bit.ly/1mpvFsV (via inspirationde).