1. Lovely invitation ‘HANY: The Camp fire’ (via visualgraphc).

  3. You are a star. Obviously. Illustration by Marc Johns (found via 1000drawings).

  4. Sanelma font, lovely brush script font created by type designer, Mika Melvas (via weandthecolor).

  6. Typography with flower ‘buffalo’.

    (Source: slapdashing)

  7. Letterpress vouchers for a vegetarian restaurant by Infinitive Factory, Austria (via weloveletterpress).

  8. Campaign identity for All About Women, a festival of talks ‘what matters to women.’ Design by Leah Procko (via womenofgraphicdesign).

  9. Summer with Calvin and Hobbes.

    (Source: enemy-of-infants)

  10. Spring, summer, autumn and winter by Martin Azambuja (viconsidertheaesthetic).

  11. Paul loebach’s PEG chair can be constructed without a drop of glue (via mindher).

  12. Branding & package design by Artifact Skin Co (viaarrangealign).

    (Source: The Dieline)

  13. Lovely typo animation ‘Curiosity is the key’ by Noelia Lozano for THE POOOL magazine, part of the OFFF festival (via weandthecolor).

  14. Corporate identity Vanessa Kardache by Eduardo Dosua (via visualgraphc).

    (via nuknid)

  15. Jeeves Bowler Wall Light, designed by Jake Phipps. (via Kristofpoelmans).

    (Source: youdidwhatnow, via kristofpoelmans)